Projekt "W" - Phase 2 - First linux release!


Believe it or not, but after a month of hard work (and only very little sleep), the first open beta release of “Phase 2” for linux (i386) is finally here!

Only a few small issues had to be fixed since my last posting about going multi-platform. No big deal, only a few visual glitches, missing staff images and (very annoying) a missing flood fill algorithm. I use flood fill to generate the colored territorial maps on each turn, and lazarus doesn’t implement this for the linux widget sets, so I had to write one on my own that isn’t slow as hell. And then I did some final game testing this afternoon and only found the game to be perfectly playable, so I decided to finally release the linux version.

Download : (Linux, i386) Projekt “W” - Phase 2 - Open Beta rev. #142 (~65 MBytes)

Important : Please run the included “” script instead of the application itself as the game needs a certain library to be in the search path to run. If you run the application itself without (which is what the script does), the game won’t launch!

Also note that I updated the windows release too : (Windows) Projekt “W” - Phase 2 - Open Beta rev. #142 (~60 MBytes)

So if you’re a linux user and haven’t been able to play my latest game, you can now run it without using something like Wine. But please note that there may be bugs not present in the windows release, and that I only tested on one linux distribution, so I can’t tell about the other numerous distros out there. So if the game is running for you feel free to comment with your linux distribution so I can see where the game is running and where not.