Prototyping nukes (including HD video) - Updated

Update : Some people complained that the explosion didn’t look realistic, and after watching videos of real nukes I guessed they we’re right. So I revamped the explosion to make it look more realistic in itself, as well as adding several effects like a screen blind and shaking. So enjoy the new video below, it’s much better than the old one!

After releasing my explosion texture generator, I guess it’s now time to show you what I’ve been using it’s textures for. It’s for nukes, which will be used for the global projects that are weapons of mass destruction (e.g. atomic bombs). And as usual I implemented them in a separate prototype first, cause trying to get something like this tested and done so that it also looks nice in the final game would take much more time than just creating a new OpenGL project and testing things in there.

So without much words, here is a youtube video of the effect, but please remember to watch it in HD and don’t forget that it’s still work-in-progress and likely to change at least a bit until it’s made it’s final way into the game :