"Phase 2" - Work-in-progress video (HD) and YouTube channel

Up until now everything you’ve seen from “Phase 2” have been some static screenshots. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a quick in-game video showing some of the new features, along with some of the stuff I changed over the past few days and weeks. As you can see on the video I also redid some of the old windows, like the one for army management in order to make them look nicer, but also to make them easier to use. Especially the army management window in “Phase 1” was a total mess with a lot of info, buttons, lists etc. and therefore it was very hard to use.

The video is roughly 3 minutes long and since not everybody likes to download big video files I decided to sign up for youtube and post a HD-version of the video. And don’t forget to select the HD-version of the video, as the SD one isn’t looking pretty and a lot of details will be missing. And if you don’t want to watch it on youtube, you can download the video here (wmv format, ~120 MBytes, 1280x720, 30fps).

Edit : I’ve opened up my video channel on youtube. I’ll upload videos from my games and projects over there so you can directly watch them in your browser without having to download them. And for future reference I also added a link to the video channel in the upper navigation menu.