Skinning of military units finished

The title says it all. During the last few days I created all skins for the existing cast of military units and made the 3D models ready to use them, which means changing some parts of the model itself (most models now also have a lower poly-count, which is good for the turn-based battles) and unwrapping the texture-coordinates (a lot of work, it’s not easy, especially not for the more complex models). I also imported them (and added support for the different skins) into the game, so another huge point on my roadmap for “Phase 2” has been crossed from the list! Below you’ll find a screenshot showing all the newly skinned units for the five different nations.

New units

On a sidenote I bought myself a new graphics card. It’s a GeCube Radeon HD3850 (Photo). For the 175€ it did cost me it’s an awesome card and a lot faster than my old GeForce 7900GS. Besides this it’s even more silent than my old card and usually you’re not able to spot it’s cooler noise at all. My OpenGL applications (including Projekt “W”) also work fine, so ATI seem to do a better job with their OpenGL implementation than most people are telling.