More on the manual hex battles

Besides other smaller things I finally implemented the A* search algorithm for the manual hex battles, which was the most important part to get the AI working. So if you battle an enemy controlled region now, the computer enemy will be able to find it’s way across the battlfield and around any obstacles towards your units. Next step is now to tweak the battle calculations, something a lot of people weren’t satisfied with. Currently you can easily crush huge divisions with only and handful of units, mostly air units which are a bit overpowered. So next I’ll try to tweak those calculations to make the battles more balanced.

Here are two screencaptures of the A* search in “action”. Cost-calculation isn’t perfect yet, so the path that’s calcualted isn’t always the best one. Left shot is A* in-game, the right one shows A* in my external battlefield prototype : Projekt W battles Projekt W battles