Different UI themes

In “Phase 1” all nations shared the same theme for the user interface, something I initially didn’t want to do but I postponed that features to “Phase 2” and just started working on this. So in the next version of Projekt “W” every nation will have it’s own distinctive theme for the user-interface, an additional way to distinguish between the different nations. So with “Phase 2” you’ll have a different 3d-background, a different sky and a different user-interface for the nation you choose, and in addition to that I also plan on having different skins for military units depending on their owning nation. Although all those visual differences don’t directly add to the gameplay itself, they still pay out, as they add to immersion and tie the player more to the nation that he has selected. Note that these are just optical changes, there will be no difference in functionality of the user-interface between the nations. Note : The two user-interfaces below are still work-in-progress and are subject to changes!

PjW new UI theme PjW new UI theme