Next stop : Localization

Once again I finished some points on my todo-list for the demo release, including all missing icons (for buttons, windows, etc.), adding some rebel units (which you encounter while attacking a region that had separated itself from your government), finishing the regionmap (remaining names, adjusting values, etc.) and much more.

But one of the biggest still outstanding points on the list is localization of the game. And this is exactly what I’m gonna do next. Over the last weeks I already implemented most of the functionality (both in-game as well as into WeltEdit) to have support for different languages and also translated all the in-game messages. But the remaining localizations are still a lot of work and include all building descriptions (and names), same for military units and technologies and also translating the GUI (mostly the windows) so I thin I’ll need a week or two to get this done but then you’ll finally get some screenshots that are in english and also readable by non-germans. Right now (at least for the demo) I only plan to support the languages I know, namely german and english.

And I also plan (no promise) to have a new video showing a recent version of the game uploaded soon. I already wanted to do this two weeks ago but decided to push it back until the translation and some other minor things are finished.