Tools and Content

Small note : I now put the abbreviation for the working-title of my current project before postings dealing with it, so you can directly see what the post refers to.

The last days I spent on coding the tool needed for putting content into my current project. I already had some tools from the old prototype, but they were neither finished nor what I really wanted to quickly create content. So I made one single application (although not totally finished yet) where I can create all the content for my game, like region-settings, unit-info and buildings and export (and also import from) to XML. So I guess I’ll spent the next days (or maybe even weeks, as I want to do some more complex things, including a small in-game scripting language needed for buildings and science) on creating the content for the game.

But when that’s done I can finally start putting my fingers on the gameplay-stuff and AI and everything else needed for making the game playable. Morever I also still work on the gamedesign document and just finished the military aspect of the game, so I now exactly have what kind of units there will be and how armies work, which will be an important part of the game (no army = no expansion).