Back again

Well, after a bigger break I’m back at coding again (at least hobby-coding, already did some “serious” coding during the last months) and I have started to work on something new that’s actually rather old : Back in 2003 I started on a roundbased strategy-game and wrote a rather big design document and also made a working prototype (but with no actual gameplay in it). But soon I realised that the design of this game was too complex (both in terms of gameplay and in terms of content I had to create), so I dropped it. But some days ago I read through the old design document and decided to stream-line much of the gameplay and content, so that it’s more fun to play and that my chances of finishing it someday are much bigger than with the old concept. But for now I won’t reveal much more, except for this mysterious screenshot (click for some bigger view), maybe some people know at least a tiny bit about this project.

Stay tuned, I’ll have you updated on this. And I also plan (after finishing it) to do a write-up, where I also want to tell a bit about the process of streamlining my first game design to make it more interesting, as this is the first time I did such a thing with an older project of mine that I initially wanted to stop forever.