This is my personal space where I showcase my self-developed projects and blog about my private coding adventures.

It’s updated when I feel like posting bigger news to the world, for more frequent and smaller updates, follow me on twitter.

All of my public source are available over at my github repository.

About the author

I’m an avid coder, not only during my daytime job, but also (even more so) during my spare time.

My coding adventures started back at the age of eight when I got a C64 as a present and discovered that you couldn’t just play games on it, but also write your own games.

So I’ve been writing code for more than 30 years now, moving from one programming language to the other, working with dozens of different APIs on different platforms, thus making coding a huge and important part of my life, with millions of lines of code written and thousands of hours spent in front of development environments and debuggers.

I’m an active open source contributor, with pretty much all of my coding efforts being available to the public. Many of them are related to the open standards of the Khronos Group related to real-time 3D rendering, for which I was awarded with a Khronie in 2020.

In 2016 I did several launch contributions to the Vulkan API as a member of the Vulkan Advisory Panel, and have become a Khronos individual contributor member in late 2020.

At my day job I’m a development team lead in the automotive and laboratory area with a wide range of responsibilities.

Programming languages I actively use :

  • C++
  • GLSL
  • PHP
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Delphi
  • SQL (Multiple dialects)
  • Free Pascal
  • C#

Most of my demos, tutorials and games use the open APIs from Khronos :

  • Vulkan (Cross platform)
  • OpenGL (Cross platform desktop)
  • OpenGL ES (Mobile)
  • WebGL (Browser)

Platforms I develop for (or have developed for) :

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac OSX
  • iOS
  • Web

Some of the IDEs I use regular :

  • Visual Studio (Code)
  • Android Developer Studio (IntelliJ)
  • Eclipse
  • Delphi
  • Lazarus

List of some of the web frameworks I’ve used :

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • React
  • jQuery and jQuery UI

Some additional developer related things I often use:

  • Source control tools (git, SVN)
  • Docker
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, git)