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Month: October 2012

Projekt “W” – First public “Phase 2” Beta ?>

Projekt “W” – First public “Phase 2” Beta

More than five years after the release of “Phase 1”, the first public beta for “Phase 2” goes live! I’ve been working on “Phase 2” almost every single day for the past five years, and a lot of coding, creativ work and though went into this game. And though at some times it looked like I’d never get it done I finally got to a point where the game is in such a good shape that I can release a…

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Finishing the the first public beta ?>

Finishing the the first public beta

Believe it or not, but after posting about “Phase 2” for over five years now I’m putting the finishing touches on a soon-to-be-released beta of the game! Actually I already realeased a beta over at a german forum to see how it works with other people’s hardware configurations, but since that version was missing a lot of english translations and was missing some stuff that I wanted to finish off before going public, the “international” release of the first “Phase…

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