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Month: July 2008

Promised (Media)update ?>

Promised (Media)update

A week too late, but better now than never. So here is the promised update on the progress of “Phase 2”. A lot of stuff has happened (not everything will be visible to the player) so this post will be a bit longer than usual. Let’s start off with the global projects. As already mentioned several times, these are one (if not the) biggest addition to “Phase 2” and will change gameplay a lot. Those projects will need a lot…

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Big performance jump for “Phase 2” ?>

Big performance jump for “Phase 2”

While working on different parts of the source for “Phase 2” I also took a look at the rendering method for the 3D models and decided to totally rewrite those functions. They now (together with other changes) render models sorted by materials, which gives a huge performance improvements (texture changes are very expensive, and rendering sorted by materials removes a lot of them) that will be included with “Phase 2”.  Though the improvement will depend on your hardware it should…

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Quick check-in ?>

Quick check-in

Just a quick note to let you know that there will be bigger media update sometime next week. Sadly I’m not having as much time for coding as I’d like to have, but I’m still trying to work on “Phase 2” every minute I can spare, so there have been a lot of smaller and some bigger changes/additions towards the road to “Phase 2”. Right now I started implementing the “global Projects”, mighty projects that need a lot of effort…

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