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Month: December 2007

First new skinned military unit ?>

First new skinned military unit

In “Phase 1”, all military units have the same look across all nations. This is something I actually never wanted, but had to do due to time restrictions. This will be history with “Phase 2”, as (in addition to the new unique units for all nations) all military units will have different skins for each nation. Those of you that at some point did UV-mapping of a 3D-unit know that it’s not easy to create a half-way good looking skin,…

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Projekt “W” – Roadmap for “Phase 2” ?>

Projekt “W” – Roadmap for “Phase 2”

On a quick note, I have uploaded a roadmap for “Phase 2”, you can take a look at it here. It lists all tasks that are still open, and the tasks I already finished. I’ll update it over time so you can see progress on “Phase 2”. Also please note that some stuff I’ve been talking about for “Phase 2” isn’t on that list yet, but it may be added later on.

More on the manual hex battles ?>

More on the manual hex battles

Besides other smaller things I finally implemented the A* search algorithm for the manual hex battles, which was the most important part to get the AI working. So if you battle an enemy controlled region now, the computer enemy will be able to find it’s way across the battlfield and around any obstacles towards your units. Next step is now to tweak the battle calculations, something a lot of people weren’t satisfied with. Currently you can easily crush huge divisions…

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