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Month: October 2007

Different UI themes ?>

Different UI themes

In “Phase 1” all nations shared the same theme for the user interface, something I initially didn’t want to do but I postponed that features to “Phase 2” and just started working on this. So in the next version of Projekt “W” every nation will have it’s own distinctive theme for the user-interface, an additional way to distinguish between the different nations. So with “Phase 2” you’ll have a different 3d-background, a different sky and a different user-interface for the…

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Projekt “W” battles and some newton tidbits ?>

Projekt “W” battles and some newton tidbits

Recently I’ve started working on the new turn-based battles that’ll come with “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”. If you have played the game, you already saw the automatic battles with no possibility for the player to intervene. This will be changed, and you’ll have full control over attacking and defending regions. If a battle starts, the game will switch into the turn-based battle-mode where you firt place your units and then move them turn-by-turn (player after player) until one of…

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Aftermath ?>


As Projekt “W” (Phase 1) has been out for some weeks now, it’s time for a small recap. With the latest version (1.2) most of the bugs and problems of the first versions have gone, and after watching the feedback (mostly on forums) it seems that people like it. Some even compared it to commercial games and prefer Projekt “W”, and that’s great to know. There also has been plenty of useful feedback, mostly on balancing, that I’ll try to…

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