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Month: July 2007

Working towards release and littel name-change ?>

Working towards release and littel name-change

The closer you get towards releasing your game the more small things surface that have to be taken care off before going public, and so over the last days/weeks I have been busy mostly taking care of small bugs and annoyances that needed fixing. Actually I already could have released it but everyone of you working on a game/application knows the feeling when you’re close to release. On the one hand you want to release it (in order to take…

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Artificial intelligence ?>

Artificial intelligence

Some postings ago I already told you that the AI for Project “W” is the first more complex AI that I did (and still do) so I’m gonna post a bit about it this time. My initial goal was to create an artificial intelligence that’s giving the player a challenge without cheating but that’s also behaving different from game-to-game. The first point is pretty clear, if an AI is cheating the player will start to notice it after some matches…

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