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Month: May 2007

Transfer market, new cursors, texture compression and more ?>

Transfer market, new cursors, texture compression and more

Since the last update on Project “W” I worked on a lot of smaller things and also did a lot of work on the “background” of the game (the stuff most players won’t notice but which is still important to work on), so this news posting will be a collection of all the things I did over the last days. Transfer market : This was actually the last thing that was really bugging me as up until recently each staff…

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First playtesting sessions and hardware requirements ?>

First playtesting sessions and hardware requirements

Although there are still some minor things to do before I can call it a version that’s ready to getting released, Projekt “W” is now in a shape where you can actually play a whole game without it throwing an exception (so far all show-stoppers have been fixed). So today I made the first two playtesting session with the first one being interrupted with a bug that I quicly fixed followed by a second playtesting session. And after those sessions…

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On the state of Project “W” ?>

On the state of Project “W”

I just crossed the last remaining things off from my todo-list for the demo (except for one point which is finishing one of the remaining nation backgrounds) and so far I have been very pleased with it’s progress since I started on the new version back in august 2006 (I still have a backup from that date on my disk in order to quickly check progress). Recently a friend of mine came by and after showing him the current in-developement…

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Hotseat mode is in ?>

Hotseat mode is in

As already hinted at in my last posting on the subject of Project “W” I implemented the hotseat-multiplayer-mode, which will be the only multiplayer-mode present in the demo. For those that don’t know about it, hotseat is a multiplayer-mode that only uses one PC and therefore only can be used in a turn-based game (like Project “W”). So before starting such a game (see first screenshot) you choose what nation is controlled by a human player (other nations are played…

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