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Month: January 2007

More content and a VFS ?>

More content and a VFS

Once again the past days have been very productive when it comes to Project “W” (although I’ve been a bit distracted by the recent Dawn of War Addon) both in terms of content for the game and in terms of coding. As for the content, I modeled some new buildings so that I currently have 26 of the ~32 buildings finished. I’ve put my priority on creating models for the buildings you can construct right after the start of the…

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Smaller Steps ?>

Smaller Steps

As usual when a project has advanced a lot, like Project “W” did, the steps you make get smaller and smaller. At first you implement the big features and see big changes within a few days of coding but that phase is over for some time now. And therefore I’m currently working on a lot of the smaller things that make the game more playable/enjoyable, and that includes a lot of small facets of game design. The last days for…

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Translation ?>


Another long outstanding thing that I was “succesfully” getting around the last months was translation of Project “W”. But this is history, as I sat down the last few days and implemented translation features into the game. At first I wanted to use the ITE of BDS2006, but somehow actually didn’t like it. So I implemented the whole translation stuff myself, and you can directly translate strings in the game’s main editor “WeltEdit”, which then are referenced through unique identifiers…

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More AI, balancing and research tree ?>

More AI, balancing and research tree

Though I didn’t spent too much time on Projekt “W” since the last posting I still got some stuff done. Firstly I went for the technology tree, which was (very much like the list of buildings) something that I pushed back and back during the whole developement. But since the list of buildings is closely tied to the technologytree I actually had to do this, and many technologies are mainly there to unlock new buildings. Other technologies include modifiers for…

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Work on AI started ?>

Work on AI started

You read right, earlier than I expected I started to implement computer controlled enemies (aka “AI”) that’ll control all non-player regions. But before doing that step I did a lot on the code and made sure all features worked as expected and that there were no bugs left, so I can fully concentrate on the AI without having to fix problems or bugs at the same time. Luckily there wasn’t much to be done on that part, and except for…

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Raging battles ?>

Raging battles

Over the past days I implemented the last missing sub-feature of the military feature : attacking enemy regions. This was something I pushed back and forth all the time, cause before implementing it I had to be sure that the values and properties of military units would be final, and recently I made a third draft of what properties those units should have and how they would affect combat. The first draft (back in 2003) was too detailed with a…

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